Under Pressure

I received a late night call from a friend last night.  As most can attest, I have a tendency to be awkwardly shy during first impressions.  In general, I don’t open up to many people and usually have a hard time putting my finger on why certain friends became more than acquaintances.

In high school, my group and I prided ourselves on being the “smart classes” kids that actually liked sports and having fun.  We thought we weren’t nerds (even though we totally were and still are) and valued afternoon pick-up games, late-night mooning, abrupt/strange noises, and GPAs.  College made me realize that there were a lot of people that fell into those categories.

As pompous as this might sound, I think that one of the more important characteristics of my closest friends is that the majority of them are slightly more immune to peer pressure.  The call last night reinforced this belief.  I hope that they would say the same for me.  Either way, I love them for avoiding the herd and thinking for themselves.

2 Responses to “Under Pressure”

  1. cbgb Says:

    i was rehashing the cruelty of high school with someone the other day and if there is just one person to relate to, it makes a world of difference…even as a past/current nerd, you are still “one of the lucky ones.” and i can’t wait to meet your friend.

  2. the kelli Says:

    Want a mini krispy kreme doughnut?

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