Just Around the Corner from Me

I have a soft spot in my heart for Pete Yorn.  Music For The Morning After was one of those important adolescent records that taught me there was rock music being made that was much better than the radio bands I currently listened to (read “Creed”).  Years later, promoting Nightcrawler was one of my first priorities during the early CMR days.

Yorn has a new album coming out this June called Back and Fourth and I’ve decided that I’m a fan of the recently released “Don’t Wanna Cry” single.  In Pete’s words, the song is “about somebody who’s in a lot of pain, a lot of guilt, trying to cut out because they couldn’t really handle what life was dealing them at the time.”  Seems very appropriate given the current state of things.

While I’m talking about Pete, I loved his brief reasoning for liking Bruce on Hangin’ On E Street, as it was a perfect summary of what continues to draw me to the Boss:

Pete’s take on his favorite song from Magic is one of the many excellent covers featured on the genius BruceSpringsteen.net promotion.  I especially can’t wait for the yet to be released Josh Ritter contribution (“The River”?).

I know you all must be ecstatic about my ability to successfully relate every post back to the Boss somehow…

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