Mad As Hell

After all the hype, the “showdown of the century” turned out to be a one-sided apology instead.  I don’t know when Cramer decided he was going to concede virtually every talking point, but his tail stayed timidly between his legs the entire interview:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Even though the debate wasn’t as heated as advertised, I left with more respect for Stewart.  Although the financial crisis isn’t specifically Cramer’s fault, he irresponsibly abused the trust of his viewers and Jon drilled him for it.  I recommend reading James Moore’s article on how Stewart has “brought back context to journalism by making people in our drive-by culture responsible for their words and even actions.”

While watching last night’s interview, I couldn’t help comparing Stewart’s on-air attitude to that of the memorable Howard Beale character in one of my all-time favorite movies, The Network:

Although the film was released in 1976, Beale’s famous rant feels especially relevant today.  On a less flamboyant note, The Daily Show replicated the same sentiment last night, and I’m happy that the commentator standing up for the general public wasn’t just part of another “scene in the movies.”

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