Carry Me Home

Ryan Adams and his fellow Cardinals paid a visit to Nashville’s War Memorial Auditorium this weekend with back-to-back shows on Saturday and Sunday.  Originally, my dad was going to fly in for the Saturday show, because Ryan is basically one of three musicians I think he would ever pay to see live.  The show sold out before he could get travel plans squared away, but I figured I could easily go to the unsold out Sunday show.  The venue took awhile before announcing a second date, so I’d have plenty of time to figure out if I was going by myself or with a friend.  What’s the rush in getting a ticket for a show that wouldn’t sell out…

Obviously, it did.  As many friends already know, Ryan sits right behind Bruce and U2 in my grand scheme of musical things.  To add to the frustration, there was speculation that this would be Ryan’s last tour in awhile after a blog post he made earlier this year.

Christina was in town for the week.  As she does with Bruce, she’s been with me long enough to know to at least pretend to appreciate Ryan’s music even if it isn’t a personal favorite.  Knowing how much the show would mean to me, she convinced me to try to pull some strings to make it to the sold out Saturday night show.  After hours of scouring, we stumbled upon a Craiglister that was willing to sell her pair at face value about an hour before the show started.

Needless to say, I now believe in miracles.  We inexplicably found ourselves inside the venue before the show started after leaving my apartment (which is 20 minutes away from downtown) 35 minutes before the start time, still needing to accomplish the following seemingly impossible missions given the time constraint:

  1. Retrieve cash from the one Nashville BB&T ATM (in the opposite direction)
  2. Meet the generous Vanderbilt couple selling their tickets
  3. Drive from Vanderbilt area to the venue
  4. Find a free parking space downtown

We knocked out the above tasks with minutes to spare.  While sprinting to the venue and cutting around street corners, we almost literally bumped into newly weds Ryan and Mandy Moore, who I suspected were most likely heading to the same destination.  The morning after, I still can’t believe that I was standing approximately two feet from a personal musical hero and his new popstar wife and completely blanked on asking for a picture.

After pausing to watch the couple cross our path, I stopped to share the experience with Christina.  Mandy now rocks a dyed hair color not usually seen in the magazines, so Christina didn’t realize what just transpired.  Once her double-take confirmed my statement, she appropriately teased, “Well, at least we won’t miss the first song if we beat him inside.”  After a very stressful hour full of adrenaline rushing, I didn’t initially find her joke funny, but we both had a good laugh once we successfully made it to our seats.

All the hassle and stressing out was totally worth it when Ryan surprisingly played my favorite song.  It’s been a tough transition moving away from the college lifestyle in Chapel Hill to Nashville, and it felt appropriate that the band decided to play the one song that I wanted to hear:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

In addition to reiterating the fact that Ryan Adams is amazing live, the night and all its ridiculousness yet again confirmed that I have the best girlfriend in the world.

6 Responses to “Carry Me Home”

  1. cbgb Says:

    i like this:) and i love you! that was definitely in my top 3 shows so everything about that night was worth it. and i saw mandy moore from a distance omgomgomg!!1

  2. Mommie Says:

    This song always makes me cry! How I miss Carolina! Is there such a song about Cleveland by any chance 🙂

  3. Matty T Says:

    Personally, I think Christina’s joke was sweet.

  4. the kelli Says:

    WTF Mark?! I told you that if you ran into Mandy Moore to tell her I that I love her! I’m so disappointed in you. Uggh.

  5. bp Says:

    i like this blog.

  6. walthpants Says:

    gosh i love that ryan adams. mandy moore is as close to a saint as you can get in my book. Mrs C – i think the song you are looking for can be found here:
    i hope that link works

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