R.I.P. Lucky

Losing a pet can certainly be tough.  Just ask Marley’s family.  I’m not sure how long the following clip has been around, but the fact that Katie Couric suggests the video to Joe Biden at the end of a pre-VP nomination interview makes me feel like I’m late to this particular YouTube party.  As creepy as it may sound, Maya’s eulogy actually makes me look forward to becoming a father and encountering that first devastating tiolet bowl funeral experience:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I particularly enjoyed the editor’s sensible decision to dramatize the introduction with bagpipes and a reminder that Lucky lived from 2006 to 2006.  I have every intention of becoming that shameful dad constantly trying to “capture the moment” on film in an attempt to carry out my directorial pipe dreams.

3 Responses to “R.I.P. Lucky”

  1. AB Says:

    This is a quality post. This is also a post that should make Christina happy that she’s already snagged you because posts like this get crazy amounts of attention from the ladies. No doubt!

  2. cbgb Says:

    AB you are so right! i am a lucky girl…my only complaint, Mark Thomas, is that you have a SPOILER alert. What the heck! You totally gave away the end of Marley & Me!

  3. the kelli Says:

    You mean making endless revisions to Jason Aldean videos don’t fulfill your directorial dreams??

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