What You Say, What You Do, and Who You Are

Working in the digital marketing field, I try to keep up with Seth Godin’s blog as much as possible.  I found one of today’s posts to be very ironic given the conversation I had with Bret over email just yesterday on the same topic:

We no longer care what you say.

We care a great deal about what you do.

If you charge for hand raking but use a leaf blower when the client isn’t home
If you sneak into an exercise class because you were on the wait list and it isn’t fair cause you never get a bike
If you snicker behind the boss’s back
If you don’t pay attention in meetings
If you argue with a customer instead of delighting them
If you copy work and pass it off as your own
If you shade the truth a little
If you lobby to preserve the unsustainable status quo
If you network to get, not to give
If you do as little as you can get away with

…then we already know who you are.

Even after a loss of faith in society these past few years, I am still a firm believer in having a sense of morality.  I think this is why I love movies as much as I do.  With so many disappointing current examples of corruption, I am hopeful that the leaders of the next “great generation” learn from the past and take us out of this depression by putting more emphasis on the importance of integrity.

As my dad always says, “these things come in waves”, so I’m banking that Newton’s Third Law of Motion also applies to generations.

2 Responses to “What You Say, What You Do, and Who You Are”

  1. walthers2 Says:

    The other day I watched one of Spike Lee’s earlier movies – Do The Right Thing. My favorite scene involves the old alcoholic guy telling spike lees character “always do the right thing” and spike lee just kind of brushes it off. But think about that, if that moral guideline were the basis of most of our decision making, how could we get ourselves into the messes we are in? Its that simple.

  2. AB Says:

    How do you define “the right thing”?

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