CMT Cribs

The 0:28 second mark makes me laugh.  I’m not sure how the producers forgot to edit me out after our “YOU’RE IN THE SHOT” moment together:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Never in a million years would I have ever anticipated being in the house of a country music star during his big Cribs moment, let alone make a cameo in the final edit.  I’m such a sell out.

FUN FACT: I got to be the guy that set up the 4-wheelers in the front of the house.  Jason was busy getting ready and all of the guys in the CMT crew were reluctant to maneuver his toys out of the garage.  Receiving meticulous supervision from the producer, I felt like Austin trying to get the angle just right for the shot.  Who knew that my time at the family lake house would ever come in handy for this moderately “professional” situation…

UPDATE: If the embedded video above stops streaming, you can still watch the full episode here.  The part being discussed can be found at the 14:50 mark.

6 Responses to “CMT Cribs”

  1. Mommie Says:

    too funny!

  2. Macon Says:

    I can’t believe I just watched an entire episode of cribs and missed your 15 minutes of fame? I was actually very heartbroken and astonished to not find you in the coloring scene

    ps- is his wife that complacent in real life?

  3. walthers2 Says:

    this is your third biggest show biz moment, right behind when you starred in the notebook with rachel mcadams and when you put on all that muscle to be in the james bond movie

  4. cbgb Says:

    omg you told me about how cute his kids were but you totally neglected to mention the dog!! you pet it, right? please tell me you did. that guy in the background at :28 is pretty cute, too…def a close 4th to the dog and the kids…too funny!

  5. Macon Says:

    ohhhh I get it now, you’re on the video at 0:28, not for 0:28 seconds.

  6. Flo Says:

    that is awesome.

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