You Say You Don’t Like It

Whenever someone tells me Bruce’s music doesn’t do it for them or makes an unfunny joke about his style, I think one of three things before disregarding their opinion on anything music-related:

  1. They’re Lying
  2. They Aren’t Listening
  3. They Don’t Get It

On the other hand, whenever I meet a fellow Springsteen evangelical, I know there’s a solid chance we can become good friends. At the core of Bruce’s music is an intangible, inspirational element that hooks certain listeners into long-term fans.

The Live 1975-1985 version of “Reason to Believe” is the perfect example. How anyone could thoughtfully listen to this and not develop at least a slight appreciation is mind-blowing:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Switching gears to video evidence, name one contemporary artist who will still has this much live energy 40+ years into his/her career.

THEN (9/19/78):

NOW (4/28/09):

Greensboro is only two short days away, and I’d love some more sweet covers sprinkled into whatever spontaneous set list we get.

5 Responses to “You Say You Don’t Like It”

  1. the kelli Says:

    Oh, Mark, this makes me laugh… did I happen to be part of the inspiration for this blog? Surely not… Hope you have fun seeing your Dreamboat this weekend!

  2. cbgb Says:

    really looking forward to the bruce post that will follow this one…:)

  3. whitney Says:

    ‘Reason to Believe’ and this post just made me a Bruce fan.

  4. walthers2 Says:

    i get fire in my loins when i see bruce… what does that mean?

  5. Cardenplex Says:

    gawd, i am sooo over springsteen… oh and also U2 😉

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