Put Down Your Sword and Bow

It appears Vampire Weekend have passed on the “buzz band” baton to Passion Pit for 2009.  All of the initial excitement was in large part due to the immensely popular “Sleepyhead” single released as part of the Chunk of Change EP late last year:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“Sleepyhead” and the rest of the first EP were created by Passion Pit leader Michael Angelakos as a Valentine’s gift for his girlfriend of the time, but his songs spread like wildfire around his college campus in Boston, leading to the blogs, resulting in label talks.

Described as a less pretentious MGMT, crazy amounts of hype surround Passion Pit’s May 19th full length debut, Manners.  As one of my favorite music blogs put it, “dance party synths, Phil Collins drums, and kids’ choir sing-a-long chants all sound like a blog house lover’s dream come true.”  Anyone that knows me knows that I unabashedly love Phil Collins, 80s synth-influenced music, AND kid sing-a-longs, so Passion Pit felt like a good fit.

The first Manners single (“The Reeling”) left something to be desired after the excitement “Sleepyhead” created, but I feel Angelakos totally makes up for it after going in a completely different direction with “Moth’s Wings.” This second single could very well find itself on one of my favorite lists come December.  “Moth’s Wings” sounds less like a dance party and more like the perfect headphone companion (not that I have anything against dance parties):

I’m curious to see how the rest of Manners turns out.  I always feel for the bands that get all the early buzz before anything has been officially released, as it becomes virtually impossible to live up to the expectations. Regardless, I’m happy for “Moth’s Wing” and I hope you feel the same.

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