We Want the New Temptations

Why can’t pop radio be filled with music like Alphabeat?  I’m a sucker for catchy melodies and windows down summer tunes, and this band delivers full force in both categories.  As All Music Guide puts it, “Listening to this unpretentious, joyful debut album is like having your favorite birthday party, winning the lottery, and going to Disneyland all at the same time.”

Some might resort to calling this style a guilty pleasure, but I’ll own up to it all day long.  Considering the entire band looks like they work at Urban Outfitters, I feel like I’m in the clear:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Had “Fascination” been used in Apple promotions, their sound would undoubtedly be well on its way of over-saturating the market.  The video already feels like an iTunes commercial mixed with a healthy dose of Rick Astley.  If nothing else, “Fasincation” needs to be added to Rock Band for its West Side Story finger-snapping, Rick-roll dancing, Toni Basil chanting, rock out potential.

Expect more tasty treats in the form of summer music posts as the weather continues to heat up!

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