Introducing Palace Players

Mew Studio

Epic Danish art-rockers Mew are finally back with a full length follow up to the incredible 2006 …And the Glass Handed Kites.  The new album has an absurdly long title and possibly the ugliest album cover of all time, which only makes me more excited for August 25th.  Said title isn’t a word or even a group of words, but a short poem:

No more stories
Are told today
I’m sorry
They washed away

No more stories
The world is grey
I’m tired
Let’s wash away

I’d expect nothing less from Mew.  Pitchfork describes their style best, as a band that “doesn’t do anything halfway, making big music with big guitars and big vocals that suggest nothing less than the beautiful, horrible end of the world.”  In an interview with Spin this past February, lead singer Jonas Bjerre claimed the new material is a bit more upbeat.  “Oftentimes, even if the song’s not happy, the lyrics are.  I think that this record’s probably a bit weirder in some ways, but also there’s some really very clear stuff.”

Up to this point, we’ve had to take their word for it, but finally the first song from No More Stories… (“Introducing Palace Players”) has made its way to Mew’s myspace page and several other notable blog streams:

My first time seeing Mew at the Bowery Ballroom during CMJ 2006, the band came on stage and immediately started playing the most disjointed, loud, befuddled introduction I had probably ever heard in a live setting.  Then, seemingly out of nowhere, a melody started to emerge from the dissonance and gorgeous, angelic music erupted through the clutter.  I quickly realized the intro was all part of the plan, almost as an antithesis to most other live experiences.  Most bands go from clarity to inaudible noise, but Mew chooses the opposite.  “Introducing Palace Players” is a perfect studio exemplification of this alienating style that I happen to love.

No More Stories… was recorded during the summer of 2008 in Brooklyn, NY with renowned producer Rich Costey (Muse, Glasvegas, Nine Inch Nails).  Costey also produced Mew’s breakthrough Frengers, which I highly recommend purchasing immediately in preparation for the new album that you should be checking out when it hits stores this August.

One Response to “Introducing Palace Players”

  1. Craig Says:

    …And the Glass Handed Kites is so legit. The show you went to with the dissonant opening morphing into melodic awesomery reminds me of the opening transition to Chinaberry Tree or Zookeeper’s Boy.

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