Keep Cool, My Babies

After the months of waiting finally ended and 10:35 CT rolled around this past Monday night, Conan in his new home didn’t disappoint.  I wasn’t blown away by the first night, but his opening week confirmed that we will still get the same Conan we fell in love with in New York.  Over the course of the week, Conan slipped in his signature Late Night mannerisms (much to the crowd’s enjoyment) to coincide with entertaining skits and interviews.

In my opinion, the most memorable part of the week had to be Conan’s on-air acknowledgment of the growing online discussion initiated by’s publication of a hilarious GIF showcasing the similarities between the design of Conan’s monologue background and that of Mario’s Mushroom Kingdom:Vodpod videos no longer available.The Tonight Show demonstrating an understanding of the online world is beautifully refreshing.  The skit embodies the allure of Conan’s comedic style.  His humor is never mean-spirited and, if nothing else, almost always feels self-depreciating.  He laughs with the audience and guests, never at them.  As much as I enjoy The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, I appreciate how Conan avoids delivering material with a mocking or pretentious tone, even though he surely has the intellectual ability given his educational background.  O’ Brien genuinely seems like a respectful and polite man, which only makes him funnier in my eyes.

For my 21st birthday, two of my favorite people and I camped outside Rockefeller Center to get standby tickets while I was spending the summer in New York.  Seeing the comedian live in his element only reinforced the beliefs I held of his character from watching on television every night.  That day will undoubtedly always rank near the top of birthday memories.  I hope Conan’s run with The Tonight Show lasts long enough to allow for the opportunity to see him live in his new home someday.  From what I can tell, he seems to be settling in quite nicely.

One Response to “Keep Cool, My Babies”

  1. walthers2 Says:

    yes… i have been eagerly awaiting conans move to LA. i thought his first episode back (where he lightly ribbed on LA for being self-absorbed and lacking a sense of humor) was hilarious and very representative of my experience here. i thought john mayers send-off from NY was hilarious (LA’s gonna eat you alive). i cant wait to go see him live, my friends and i are already setting up a reservation

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