Uninterested in Selling Pieces of Plastic

Discovering new music ranks near the top of my favorite hobbies list next to “movie guzzling” and snowball eating.  This should come as no surprise.  Ideally,  fresh artist detection should result in the desire to support monetarily via concert tickets, merchandise, and/or albums.

Unfortunately, pecuniary support has personally become increasingly difficult the past few months.  I assume the same holds true for others, especially those that already felt less inclined to shell out money on music in the first place.  Fortunately, two more noteworthy bands have acknowledged the circumstances at hand.  Previously blogged about Fanfarlo supplies the first generous offering on their official site:

Hello. Because we want everyone to hear our album, and in the spirit of “why not”, we are now letting you download it, along with 4 exclusive bonus tracks, for a mere one dollar until July 4th (or, if you like, Independence Day.) After that, the madness will end and you will be able to get the CD, the vinyl and a beautiful new special edition at normal prices.

I can vouch for the quality of Reservior, as can the following promotional teaser containing a live performance filmed in a shed of some sort:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The second treat comes courtesy of the wonderful Paste magazine wanting to give its readers their own musical stimulus package in the form of underrated Orlando-based Gasoline Heart!  As if giving us a free Damnwells album earlier this year wasn’t enough, you can now pick up Cucumber Riot at no charge.  The band calls the record a “best of type thing,” which equates to four songs from their first record, three songs from their most recent EP, and three songs from their upcoming LP, Nostalgia Ain’t What It Used To Be, due out June 23rd.

As Jeff Tweedy once said, “Treating your audience like thieves is absurd. Anyone who chooses to listen to our music becomes a collaborator.  People who look at music as commerce don’t understand that.  They are talking about pieces of plastic they want to sell, packages of intellectual property.  I’m not interested in selling pieces of plastic.”  Fanfarlo and Gasoline Heart seem to agree with the popular Wilco frontman, and that alone is a quality birthday present…

One Response to “Uninterested in Selling Pieces of Plastic”

  1. tyler Says:

    “Movie-guzzling”??? where did you hear that term? that sounds kinda dirty

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