Blowing My Mind

Joining the ranks of the uncomfortable waking up with the Kingsubservient chicken, and FLAME promotions, Burger King has done it again with the “It’ll Blow Your Mind” campaign for the Super Seven Incher that promises to fill your deepest desires:

Fill Your Desire

Thanks for the tip, C.B. (that's what she said?)

I applaud the ridiculous implementation of absurdism and blatant sexual innuedo for fast food promotions (even if some critics don’t). For a thorough background on the new marketing plan, I recommend the 2004 write-up of Burger King’s chief marketing officer’s Harvard Business School speech on giving the company an image makeover:

Trying to discern where they fit in the fast food ecosystem, Burger King hired a cultural anthropologist to map the way. The findings were interesting, if not completely unsurprising. McDonalds is perceived as childhood’s oasis, ripe with playful innocence. Wendy’s is the realm of the adult, signifying quality, peace, and being cared for. So, the only place left for Burger King was surly adolescence.

Burger King CMO Russ Klein claimed that four principles were integral to their rebranding process:

  1. Relevance: How the brand fits into the consumer’s life.
  2. Differentiation: The brand’s point of difference.
  3. Esteem: How well the brand is regarded.
  4. Knowledge: An intimate consumer understanding of the brand.

I’d call the rebranding a success by those standards, but are Burger King executives happy with the campaign’s ROI? Effie Awards and self-aware ads are great, but I’d still prefer a Big Bacon Classic over a Whopper any day.

Maybe this metaphorical demographic tug-of-war is just another exemplification of my ongoing struggle with adulthood…

3 Responses to “Blowing My Mind”

  1. Sanchez Says:

    Thank you for making me feel like I was in an undergraduate business class again. All you were lacking was a powerpoint presentation and a analogy to alcoholic drinks (as to put the rebranding process in simpler terms for us naive, but rambunctious twenty-somethings).

  2. Macon Says:

    Though I can share in your laughter at the ridiculousness of this advertisement, everything about the fast food industry makes my blood curl… congratulations BK, you now know your target audience; your creative thinking will help further increase the obesity rates of America (not to mention a variety of heart diseases, increased landfill wastes and a plethora of other goodies)… 1430 mg of sodium in the big bacon classic that is less than 1,000 mg shy of your total daily recommended amount (and that’s being liberal with numbers). Mark, you are breaking my heart, go eat some sweet potatoes.

  3. walthers2 Says:

    im boooooooooo-redddd!!! when are you going to write something new mark… im this close to unbookmarking your link. just know you are on thin ice

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