I Don’t Love You But I Always Will

My good friend Schafe flew in for the weekend to visit Nashville for the first time and, as expected, our reunion was memorable.  The weekend’s success can largely be attributed to Adam’s desire to experience live music in the Music City. Always looking to satisfy his concert desires,  I decided to take him to a show at the Mercy Lounge showcasing three native Nashvillests:  Trent Dabbs, Sarah Siskind, and The Civil Wars.

With Trent being the mastermind behind the fantastic Ten out of Tenn movement and Sarah garnering much blog attention from Bon Iver’s love for “Lovin’s For Fools”, I figured the evening and venue provided perfect representation for the local scene.

Without question, the opening duo stole the night though. The Civil Wars are a new collaboration between the adorable Joy Williams and fantastic John Paul White. Imagine an American version of The Swell Season, but arguably better. As a Glen Hansard fanatic, I hope this hefty comparison speaks volumes.

Joy and John’s harmonies were literally jawdropping, epitomizing the “sum is greater than its parts” adage. Case in point, take their live performance of “Poison & Wine” from Atlanta:

The duo was built for the stage, and fortunately, both seem aware of their biggest strength together. A side project of sorts, their only available offering is an incredible live show downloadable for free on their myspace page. The band enthusiastically promoted the pristinely mixed live album to last night’s crowd, excitedly announcing the recent surpassing of 10,000 downloads while requesting supporters to continue spreading the word.

Please take a listen:  the album’s clarity could easily pass as an actual release in stores and I promise it won’t disappoint.  In search for criticism, the only elements missing from Live at Eddie’s Attic are the corresponding visual element exhibiting the duo’s charismatic stage presence and their standout take on Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” from last night’s show.

If you like what you hear, pass along the link and be sure to support Joy in the upcoming third installment of the Ten Out of Tenn tour.

2 Responses to “I Don’t Love You But I Always Will”

  1. cbgb Says:

    really love them! i’m waiting for a post about the damnwells show with tyler…

  2. Mommie Says:

    okay, so no post about the damwells show with tyler, how about just something new? It’s been a long time…

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