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Rob Huebel is arguably as funny as his “Human Giant” buddy Aziz Ansari, and I value his latest work for a variety of reasons (other than the obvious fact that it is a hilarious video):

Vodpod videos no longer available.

First and foremost, Rob’s prank immediately reminded me of one of my favorite high school memories involving my close friend Matt sketchily tailing two bike-riding middle schoolers on their way to the neighborhood pool in his old Le Sabre.  The youngsters’ nervous pace gradually picked up the longer we creeped alongside them and only intensified after Matt’s dramatic hitting of the brakes to stare as they crossed the street. Upon ending the pursuit, I can’t ever remember laughing longer or harder. There’s nothing like an unexpected prompt to aid in reminiscing the glory days.

I also appreciate a solid mocking of Twitter trendiness. I’d be curious to see how many subscribers Rob picks up as a result of this stunt. I understand how the service can be a useful tool, but reading Facebook updates can already be too much for one day. I just have no desire to tell the world about the intimacies of my day, which I realize might be ironic reading from a latest blog post.

Last but not least, the video introduced me to Co-founded by the delightful Natalie Portman, the website provides a closer inside look into the process of creating entertainment:

We started MakingOf because we realized that so much of what goes into entertainment creation is unavailable to the people who love and consume it the most. We wanted to give fans a way to experience that creation and learn from the insiders. It is your all-access pass to learn from and interact with actors, directors, producers, writers, and more.  Film school for everyone!

Considering my interest in the filmmaking process, MakingOf sounds like a good site to know.  I haven’t had a chance to dig in yet, but I certainly owe Mr. Huebel some thanks for brightening up my otherwise boring Friday afternoon.

One Response to “Follow Friday”

  1. Macon Says:

    I want to make a new friend… in a forceful, aggressive way.

    I don’t know how I missed this video the first time around, but it contains at least three of my new favorite quotes. keep em coming!

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