Maybe We Ain’t That Young Anymore

60 years ago today, unquestionably the most important performer in my lifetime was born in Long Branch, NJ. The late Joe Strummer once said in a documentary that “Bruce is great and if you don’t agree with that, you’re a pretentious Martian from Venus.” He concluded by mentioning that “when the DJ puts on ‘Racing in the Streets’, life seems worth living again.” Although I may have issues with Joe’s choice of phrasing (nerd alert!), I couldn’t agree more.

Bruce knows how to connect — lyrically, rhythmically, personally. His honest themes mirror our own personal struggles while finding a way to inspire and instill hope. As much as I love discovering new music, Springsteen’s catalog is the only soundtrack I’ve truly needed.

His albums provide refuge to the stresses of entering adulthood, and his performances prove that live music still matters:

Happy Birthday, Bossman — I’d be lost without your music. While you may not be that young anymore, here’s to hoping there are still many years ahead. See you November 18th.

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