Not As Ugly As We Think We Are

I think I’ve found my most anticipated film of the fall. I love the tone of the trailer and its Toronto International Film Festival debut has resulted in an abundance of glowing reviews. Regardless of what the critics think, I’ll see any movie with a cast including George Clooney, Jason Bateman, Danny McBride, and Zach Galifianakis:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

While I agree that relationships are the heaviest components in life, I’d contend that monogamy, allegiance, and loyalty are still possible in a world seemingly filled with sharks. To date, my biggest success in life has been the ability to surround myself with other swans. I would be lost without the close relationships I’ve developed with friends and family over the years. They are the brace and support system for the other facets of life that weigh me down.

Maybe we’re not swans, but we are not as ugly as we think we are. Our fathers gave us features that we didn’t want, but our mothers claim those features made them fall in love. We are flying higher than our counterparts, and we’ve got each other. I’d say that’s enough.

4 Responses to “Not As Ugly As We Think We Are”

  1. Macon Says:

    well said Mark- that was refreshing to read and I love the swans metaphor.

  2. cbgb Says:

    i freaking LOVE this song. it actually made me super sad to be reminded of their breakup, but aside from that…this is awesome with a capital A

  3. cbgb Says:

    p.s. i do really want to see that movie. and i agree, relationships are the heaviest weight we carry. but why would you pack your “most” loved ones last? you would definitely be first in mmmyyy backpack.

  4. Mommie Says:

    I cannot get enough of the FORMAT – Most important line: We have got each other I’d say that’s enough – so very true!

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